Corporate Area

Drafting of articles of association and shareholders’ agreements for Italian and foreign companies;
Valuers on occasion of Transfers, Mergers, Splits and Corporate Transformations, Withdrawal from Companies;
Directors, Liquidators and Auditors of joint-stock companies;
Account auditors pursuant to art. 2409-bis of the Italian Civil Code;
Consultancy on issuing of bonded loans;
Consultancy on winding up and liquidation of companies;
Consultancy on “Corporate Groups” management;
Consultancy and assistance in all phases of Merger, Split and Share Exchange operations;
Arbiters and Technical Consultants (court and party-appointed) in corporate and civil proceedings in general.

Banking/Financial Law Area

Consultancy on interpretation and application of the Consolidated Banking Act, the Consolidated Finance Act and the relative regulatory and applicative norms.

Contract Area

Assistance and consultancy in preparing and stipulating contracts, private deeds, preliminary agreements and deeds, including settlement agreements, relating to the purchase, sale, part exchange, securitisation, usufruct, transfer of:

  • shares and stakes;
  • companies (industrial, agricultural and commercial);
  • credits;
  • property;
  • chattels and real estate;

Assistance and consultancy for drafting and stipulating all main business contracts, including international contracts.

Tax Area

Assistance and consultancy on tax matters concerning all activities carried out in the area of “corporate law”, “banking law” and “contracts”;
Consultancy and assistance on tax matters connected to the introduction of IAS/IFRS;
Tax consultancy on the application of domestic regulations and International Conventions against double taxation, also with regard to “transfer pricing”;
Preparation, drafting and consultancy in general on “ordinary rulings” and “special rulings” (e.g. for non-application of anti-avoidance regulations, regulations on Controlled Foreign Companies , regulations connected to cost deductibility with black-list countries);
Consultancy and assistance on VAT on EEC and non-EEC exchanges;
Tax matters relating to premium dealing and prize contests;
Tax matters relating to e-commerce and electronic filing of documents and accounts and company registers;
Consultancy on national and EU customs regulations;
Consultancy on EU tax discipline on Dividends, Interest, Royalties and income flows in general within European and non-European corporate groups;
“Treaty shopping”;
Application of tax regulations on employee salaries from the employer’s point of view;
Tax matters and applicative matters in general connected to Severance Indemnity and Supplementary Social Security Reform;
Assistance and consultancy on tax inspections and assessment with settlement procedures pursuant to Italian legislative decree no. 218/97 and “judicial conciliation”;
Preparation of tax petitions, appeals and statements against tax assessment notices and other administrative measures before Tax Justice bodies.

Auditing and Financial Statements Area

Account and Financial Statement Auditing;
Preparation and drafting of individual and consolidated financial statements according to the National Accounting Principles;
Preparation and drafting of individual and consolidated financial statements according to IAS/IFRS.

Liquidation Procedures and Debt Settlement

Assistance and consultancy for creditors and debtors in bankruptcy, preventive composition, out-of-court arrangements and debt settlement in general with the debtor;
Liquidators and judicial commissioners for preventive composition procedures;
Legal loss adjusters.

Corporate and Economic Financial Area

Analysis of companies’ financial structure;
Analysis and preparation of economic and financial business plans;
Company programming and economic-financial control.